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Audio-visual installation at the invitation of Kulturwerk Schleswig Holstein as part of the group exhibition ZOLLHaus, in an empty customs building in Pinneberg, from 18.11. to 10.12.2023. 

As someone who grew up not far from the Swiss border, I associate many positive, early memories with border crossings. Sunday excursions, including shopping for pasta and chocolate, but also the start of my annual holiday in Italy. 
A collage created from holiday slides can be seen inside the projector. To see it, you have to look directly into the lens of the projector, similar to a slide viewer. By way of contrast, field recordings of a railway transformer station from my neighbourhood in Hamburg's Veddel district serve as the source material for a 7-minute composition which is played via exciters attached to a network cabinet and a trash can.

IMG_1490 2.JPG
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