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SPLIT, with Doc Wör Mirran, attenuation circuit/Grubenwehr Freiburg, tape, 2022

DAMN!, Freistil-Samplerin #6, (Magnetic Tongues - Duo with Birgit Ulher) chmafu nocords, 2022

MULTIPLE SCRATCHES, with Hans Schüttler, oo rilla, 2022

Natural Order - Compilation, Xerox Exotique, Bandcamp, 2022

im hier und jetzt oder nie, DEGEM CD 20,  Solidarity Noise Project: Solidarity Noise, coordinated by Joshua Weitzel, 2022

favourite galaxy, double bird (Izquierdo, Lewandowski, Kuldkepp, Mayer), creative sources recordings, 2021 

Hedera #1, EMN, self release, Bandcamp, 2021

Grodock + Felix Mayer, Fluchtimpuls, Marbre Negre, tape/online, 2021

Grodock + Felix Mayer, it was revealed on reddit that there are a bunch of gypsys downton in seattle, Raketenbasis Haberlandstrasse, tape, 2020

TransoceanicSascha Brosamer, self release, vinyl/online, 2020

Dec52, EMN, self release, Bandcamp, 2020

Grodock + Felix Mayer, Der Sog/Kollaborationen, attenuation circuit/Grubenwehr Freiburg, tape/online, 2020

Jojo Defek Quartet, Das blaue Licht, self release, CD, 2019

Sohne, 5 Years Phonophon compilation, CD, 2014

Tramuc + Darius, Rebirth of Time, pan y rosas discos, online, 2014

Sohne, fragmentary improvisational experimantation, compilation, institute for alien research, online, 2014

Sohne, The X-mas compilation, Petroglyph Music, online, 2013

Sohne, Raum.Spiele, Affront digital, online, 2013

Grodock + Felix Mayer, Two Live Performances, Crach Records, online, 2013

Grodock + Felix Mayer, Das Ver/wesen in drei Teilen, Crach Records, online, 2012

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