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Side effects is a 50 minutes podcast feature about the impact of the Covid 19 pandemic on the practice of experimental musicians, the local scenes and experiences with formats like streaming and networked performances. Drawing from my personal experience with the (also positive) side effects of the pandemic-related restrictions of concert life and everyday creation, I interviewed international artists about their thoughts on the topic. Have new fields of artistic activity opened up? What remains? Are there possibly positive developments in post-pandemic creative endeavors?


The main part of the music featured in the podcast is a concert of Namioto (which are Juliette Meyer and Yves Arques) with Luise Volkmann and Felix Mayer as guests, recorded at LOFT in Cologne in July 2022. Further music consists of pieces and sketches from Birgit Ulher, Majid Araim and Tetsuro Hori. 


The project was made possible through a scholarship by Musikfonds e.V.

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