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During a four-week studio residency at the Atelierhaus Dosenfabrik in Hamburg, the writer Marie-Alice Schultz and I created a participatory, 7-channel sound installation, called Speicher.
Thematically and formally, the installation deals with voice messages, which have gained in importance as a form of communication in recent years. Visitors were invited to record their own messages via a tin can telephone booth and contribute to the creative process. The messages were transcribed by a speech-to-text software. They were then re-read and played back through tin can telephones in varying combinations of materials. This process was repeated several times, and the resulting misinterpretations became the basis for textual and musical content.

Photos: Michael Perlbach

From August 10th to August 20th, 2023, we carried out the second version of Speicher, both in front of the 18th-century brewery and inside its ice house. As part of the 'Internationale Bauaustellung Thüringen,' our focus this time was particularly on the personal stories and memories of the inhabitants of the small town Döschnitz, related to the house where we spent ten beautiful days.

Photos: Thomas Müller, Kira Becker, Caroline Böttcher

Video by MDR Journal about our residency

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