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Sound installation together with Marie-Alice Schultz

Concert installation for trumpet, trombone and two double basses

Building/s Stories

Music for a performance by Douin&Schultz

Teaser for the concert installation Transmit me 

Echo Chamber

by Denis Połeć. For trombone, live electronic and spatial audio.

panaudastic phasing

Panaudastic Phasing is a site-specific, collective composition and choreography; a sonic installation for instrumentalists and performers exploring microscopic sounds and movement in a non-performance space.

John Hughes: double bass, concept,

Kris Kuldkepp: double bass, 

Felix Mayer: trombone,

Trinidad Martinez and Ingo Reulecke: movement

Johannes Kohout: video 

Victoria Gur'Eva: boom operator

Lennart Haneklaus: assistent editor

This video documents the preliminary performance of Panaudastic Phasing II. This performance happened on Sunday, September 13, 2020 at the opening of the installation denkXmal - von Viktoria zu Fux.

Excerpt of the first piece of a series of split screen videoscores for improvising ensembles. Performed by 'EMN' at 'blurred edges' festival 2020.

The Most Important Questions - Are you there ?

How does connection and improvisation work on Zoom ? 'The Most Important Questions' explores and finds amazing connections between the six artists from different genres. With: Selu Herraiz, Jeong Ah Seom, Ingo Reulecke, Trinidad Martinez, Katharina Oberlik and Felix Mayer.
Idea: Trinidad Martinez and Katharina Oberlik

The Most Important Questions

A collaborative performance/art project with Jeongah Eom, Trinidad Martinez, Katharina Oberlik, Selu Herraiz and Ingo Reulecke 

Liebe Freunde

Video work by Jule Heinzelmann and Felix Mayer

SOHNE + Luise Volkmann, Graham Dunning and Rolf Pifnitzka

at Cité Internationale des Arts Paris

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