panaudastic phasing

Panaudastic Phasing is a site-specific, collective composition and choreography; a sonic installation for instrumentalists and performers exploring microscopic sounds and movement in a non-performance space.

John Hughes: double bass, concept,

Kris Kuldkepp: double bass, 

Felix Mayer: trombone,

Trinidad Martinez and Ingo Reulecke: movement

Johannes Kohout: video 

Victoria Gur'Eva: boom operator

Lennart Haneklaus: assistent editor

This video documents the preliminary performance of Panaudastic Phasing II. This performance happened on Sunday, September 13, 2020 at the opening of the installation denkXmal - von Viktoria zu Fux.

moving #1

Excerpt of the first piece of a series of split screen videoscores for improvising ensembles. Performed by 'EMN' at 'blurred edges' festival 2020.

Instant Shawarma

Timelapse of the 'Instant Shawarma' cooking performance together with Christoph Funabashi.

EMN at blurred edges festival

performing 'Halli Galli' by Christoph Funabashi

The Most Important Questions - Are you there ?

How does connection and improvisation work on Zoom ? 'The Most Important Questions' explores and finds amazing connections between the six artists from different genres. With: Selu Herraiz, Jeong Ah Seom, Ingo Reulecke, Trinidad Martinez, Katharina Oberlik and Felix Mayer.
Idea: Trinidad Martinez and Katharina Oberlik

The Most Important Questions

A collaborative performance/art project with Jeongah Eom, Trinidad Martinez, Katharina Oberlik, Selu Herraiz and Ingo Reulecke 

Liebe Freunde

Video work by Jule Heinzelmann and Felix Mayer

SOHNE + Luise Volkmann, Graham Dunning and Rolf Pifnitzka

at Cité Internationale des Arts Paris