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Zwitscherspeicher is a durational performance concept  for double bell trombone, gesture-controlled live electronics and tin can telephone, which i developed during my residency at Künstlerhaus Lukas in Ahrenshoop in July of 2023.

With reference to the traditions of antiphony and "call and response", the work reflects the experience of pandemic-induced isolation and introspection

The second, additional bell symbolizes a purely analog, private dialogue with oneself, while the static playback represents mere (digital) consumption, and the sound manipulation through live electronics represents an interaction within digital spaces.

The composition is structured around these three levels:

A purely acoustic part, focusses on the spatial and sonic possibilities of the second trombone bell.
In the second part, a fixed media part is added, which is played back via the hose of a talkbox, which is connected to the valve section of the trombone, enabling to blend the fixed media and the trombone playing directly inside the instrument. 
The gesture-controlled live electronics in the third part adds a level of sound manipulation and transformation, and give expression to the discrepancy between personal intention and the alienated result/experience of digital communication.

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