is an 8-channel sound installation that reflects the specific soundscape of the installation site and the immediate surroundings and relates them to the places where the installation has already been done. With each realisation, the installation is adapted to the local conditions and expanded with recordings of the surroundings.

The composition is based on the first version that was heard during the Vogelklang Soundcamp in St. Georgen from 29.4 to 1.5.22. Created during my residency at the Global Forest Kunstverein, the piece is composed of field recordings of the wintry Black Forest and recordings of clocks and running noises of historical music playback devices from the German Phonomuseum. A second version was heard on 10.7.22 in Pinneberg as part of the one-day scholarship in the pavilion of the Kulturwerk Schleswig-Holstein. From 17-24.09.22 the work was installed on the grounds of the Rudervereinigung Bille, as part of the Hippocampus - Skulpturen Projekte as part of the Hallo: Festspiele in Hamburg. On 1.+.2.10.22 the Kooperative New Jazz Wiesbaden presented  a stereo version of CAPRI CODE in their event Schöner Hören: Cinema for the Ears.


The sound material is used both in its original and manipulated form. The manipulation is exclusively analogue, by playing and                 re-recording the recordings through various tin can telephones.