EMN @ blurred edges festival



16.10. H7 Club

EMN & CNISP at blurred edges festival

CNISP (Institute for Certified Sonic Nomadic Illicit Practices)
Marina Cyrino: flutes
Matthias Koole: el.guitar

EMN: Christoph Funabashi: guitar, objects, Kristin Kuldkepp: double bass, Felix Mayer: trombone, Heiner Metzger: clarinets, soundtable, objects

with new works by: Christoph Funabashi, Heiner Metzger and myself

Künstlerhaus Faktor, 20:00

Max-Brauer-Allee 229, 22769 Hamburg


18.10. panaudastic phasing

with: Pedro González Fernández : violin Christoph Funabashi : guitar Kris Kuldkepp : double bass John Hughes : double bass Trinidad Martinez : movement Stefanie Tübinger : movement Ingo Reulecke : movement 

fux:eg, 16:00

Zeiseweg 9, 22765 Hamburg

klingding radio show 


featuring the blurred edges concerts of "panaudastic phasing" and "EMN".


the most important questions

A collaborative performance/art project with Jeongah Eom, Trinidad Martinez, Katharina Oberlik, Selu Herraiz and Ingo Reulecke 

EMN - dec52

A lockdown version of Earl Browns "December 1952"

Liebe Freunde

Video work together with Jule Heinzelmann 

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