Excerpt of my performance 'archived love' for zither, objects, electronics and participating listeners, during the collective radio happening 'Radioinsel' at 'Hinterconti' gallery.

Panaudastic Phasing is a site-specific, collective composition and choreography; a sonic installation for instrumentalists and performers exploring microscopic sounds and movement in a non-performance space.

'favourite galaxy' - debut album of 'double bird' (Izquierdo, Kuldkepp, Lewandowski, Mayer)

out now on 'creative sources recordings'

Excerpt of a binaural recording of the premier of my piece 'chasing' -

for improvising quartet and four channel fixed media. In collaboration with ensemble xenon. Performed by EMN at blurred edges festival.

Installation in front of 'hinterconti' gallery.


A series of splitscreen video scores for improvising ensembles.

The pieces are now accessible through the website:


A 'lockdown-piece' by Heiner Metzger, inspired by the 'whisper mail' game.



​​​Performance with Trinidad Martinez

Pop-Up-Raum im Grindelviertel

​​Grindelallee 129


CD - Release with Hans Schüttler



h7 Club - "FLATTER"-Project at blurred edges festival

Künstlerhaus FAKTOR

Excerpt of the first piece of a series of split screen videoscores for improvising ensembles, which I realized from October 2020 to April 2021 with a scholarship from "Musikfonds". Performed by 'EMN' at 'blurred edges' festival 2020.


I'm part of Sascha Brosamer's EP 'Transoceanic', dealing with the cultural imagination of dematerialisation, historical sound carriers and digital colonialism.