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Transmit me - concert installation at blurred edges festival

Teaser for Transmit me concert installation at blurred edges festival.


03. - 05. + 10.-12.02.23

opening: 19h

exhibition: 16-19h

Radioplay together with

Leonid Kharlamov, Iris Minich, 

Boris Vogeler

Frise Künstlerhaus

Arnoldstraße 26

22765 Hamburg



sound installation

together with Marie-Alice Schultz

Atelierhaus Dosenfabrik

Stresemannstraße 374 b-e
22761 Hamburg


with Leonid Kharlamov and Boris Vogeler

Architektursommer Hamburg

Künstler:innen Haus Georgswerder

Rahmwerder Str. 3,

21109 Hamburg

02. + 03.06.23

Building/s Stories


Architektursommer Hamburg

Parkhaus Gröninger Hof


blurred edges festival

with Dong Zhou, Heiner Metzger,

Christoph Funabashi

Künstlerhaus Faktor

Max-Brauer-Allee 229

22769 Hamburg

Kipppunkt - sound installation at Jupiter (former Karstadt), 6.11. - 31.12.22, Mönckbergstraße 2-4, Hamburg.

8-channel sound installation CAPRI CODE.


Split tape out on attenuation circuit/grubenwehr freiburg.


Schalldose  - a small series of sound sculptures.


Magnetic Tongues is part of the Freistil magazine sampler #6:

Der Schwarzwald wartetJana De Troyer/Felix Mayer
00:00 / 05:53

Der Schwarzwald wartet - short radio play in collaboration with Jana De Troyer.

Excerpt of my performance archived love for zither, objects, electronics and participating listeners, during the collective radio happening Radioinsel at hinterconti gallery.

'favourite galaxy' - debut album of 'double bird' (Izquierdo, Kuldkepp, Lewandowski, Mayer)

released by  'creative sources recordings'

Excerpt of a binaural recording of the premier of my piece chasing -

for improvising quartet and four channel fixed media. In collaboration with ensemble xenon. Performed by EMN at blurred edges festival.


Installation in front of hinterconti gallery.

moving - a series of splitscreen video scores for improvising ensembles.

The pieces are accessible through the website:

Excerpt of the first piece of a series of split screen videoscores for improvising ensembles, which I realized from October 2020 to April 2021 with a scholarship from "Musikfonds". Performed by 'EMN' at 'blurred edges' festival 2020.

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